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Collecting salad leaves

Even though life has slowed down due to the virus, my mind is always racing, I am always thinking of things I should do or perhaps more accurately, should be doing. I recall years ago a friend saying to me, "I've never known anyone who has a head full of lists like you do."

It's not only lists but questions: what will happen next? what if things don't go as I had hoped? what if that person doesn't like what I sad? I am always in my head: thinking, hypothesising, pondering. Whilst it can sometimes be helpful, too much of it can be stressful.

We have all heard of mindfulness and one definition is "the practice of paying attention in the present moment".

Today whilst collecting salad leaves, I realised how such simple actions can have such a calming effect.

The leaves are delicate so rather than pulling them, I cut them with some scissors. There are no time pressures so I take my time. The doors to the greenhouse are closed and there is no sound, it is calm. I find myself not thinking but just doing, entranced by the moment I am in. Perhaps I am trapped in the miracle of growing food from seed.

I feel happy knowing that the farm is gentle to nature. The soil is dark and I see some worms wriggling around. It makes me happy.

I turn to the radishes. As I pull them from the ground, the rich soil clings to their pink body. It makes me happy.

It's strange to realise that sometimes it's the simple things that can make the biggest impact and spending time in nature and greenery can help us do this without even realising.

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