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What Have We Lost?

There was a time when we would listen to the stories the birds told us about our friends, the trees.

And the wind would whisper in our ears, carrying messages from distant lands.

It was not uncommon for the butterfly to share her joy, telling us of the meadows she had visited.

When we would dance in the long-awaited rain, thanking the clouds for the growth it would bring.

We no longer remember when we walked peacefully on the land, with the grasses beneath our feet, softly tickling our soles.

A time when we sat on the comfort of the moss covered fallen trees, housing families of beetles.

We would breathe in the scent of pines, carrying it in our heart as well as our lungs.

When was it that we forgot all of the languages that we once understood?

Was it at the same time that we forget the happiness we felt when we were all one, the time when we started to believe that we were separate from nature?

- Chantal, June 2022

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