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The #LdnGreenGround Challenge - Every Sunday, 300 locations, connecting with nature!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The #LdnGreenGround Challenge - a reason to LOVE Sundays

1. Take a look at the Greenground Map created by the hugely talented @HelenIlus

2. Choose a park from one of the 300 on the map.

3. Get to the area for 10.30am on Sunday morning.

4. Go on your own, take friends or go as a family.

5. Explore* in and around the area for at least 1 hour and have fun.

6. Tweet and Instagram your experience quoting #LdnGreenGround Challenge and the park you chose, including:

a photo - a picture can tell a thousand words!how easy it was to get to (what transport you used)what you discovered there (animals, plants, trees, rubbish, friends, history)whether you liked itwho you went withwhat you suggest for other visitors

7. Get yourself home and once you've Tweeted and spoken to people about your experience, think about where you will explore next week.

8. Tell your friends about it and encourage them to take up the challenge.

9. Let people know where you will go next Sunday so that you might be able to gather a group to explore with.

10. ​If there are locations that aren't on the map that you think should be, tweet about that too, still using the # (but don't let that stop you finding somewhere you haven't been to and explore that!).

*Ideas for ways to Explore

  •  Take your time and interact in a different way.

  • Walk more slowly, look at the plants, trees and animals you see.

  • Stop and listen. What do you hear, cars, buses, birds?

  • What do you see? Take pictures, make a video.

  • Be adventurous, see if you can walk from one park to another.

  • And most importantly, enjoy London's green spaces!!

I don't have any responsibility over the experience you have during the Challenge. I just want londoners to get out more and interact with green spaces and to love nature as much as we do.

I have no influence nor input into how a park is managed, but I would love to understand your experiences on the challenge. Please complete this quick survey.

  • If you want to find out about #GreenGround Challenge family focused walks, please check out @WanderfulLdn to find #GreenGround events where you can have fun, relax, discover and meet others.

  • Download the Woodland Trust tree ID app, RSPB and the Wildlife Trust's Nature Finder app to learn about things that could be found.

  • Download the Go Jauntly walking app.Get involved with London National Park City @LondonNPC

  • Thanks again to @HelenIlus for the wonderful map.

I'm proud to say that the London National Park City thinks it's a great idea.

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