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Embracing nature, whatever the weather!

This morning was filled with mist and frost with a temperature of around 0 degrees. I planned on heading out for a walk after some tasks. When I popped out to the back garden to get something, I realised it was a lot colder than I had thought so I nipped upstairs to put a few more layers on as of course, the cold wasn't going to stop me.

Once I was out, the brisk walk was refreshing and the layers meant that I was nice and cosy.

It did, however make me think about a Twitter post I recently saw: It was from a man who had been on Hampstead Heath. As he was walking to the car park, someone was moaning about the amount of mud on the path. "Perhaps they should create a covered walkway" he said sarcastically. "Yes, that would be a good idea." they replied to his surprise.

Many of us have lost our connection to nature, forgetting that we are part of the natural world rather than controllers of it and that the variations to the wind and sun, mud and rain are all things we should accept.

I get it, I do, it's never nice to be cold or wet or even worse, both! However, it's sad to think that for many, being outside should accommodate their needs of being comfortable at all times.

Humans influence every aspect of the natural world to suit all of our needs. Yet, to actually be able to reach a point where we again have a respect for nature, perhaps we need be able to embrace the times when it gets us a little bit messy?!

A little bad weather shouldn't stop us going outside!

Note: I am aware that parts of the UK are under water following heavy rain and floods. I am not insensitive to this and I am not suggesting we embrace extreme weather.

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