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9 December - Gift Wrapping

An alternative advent calendar

There are millions of ideas for gift wrapping which can result in reuse of items you would otherwise throw away and we all want to reduce our waste. It can also put an extra personal element to your gifts plus you might even have fun in the process!

Paper shopping bags - if it has a logo, you can cover it a sealed card or the cover of an old card

Old jars - there are always jars that go into the recycling, why not upcycle them and stick some trinkets in - you can wrap the outside with a little brown paper if you want to conceal the gift.

Brown paper - this can be bought very cheaply and decorated very easily

Etsy blog
It can be simple but very pretty

Old material - be it old clothes, bedding, cloth napkins or offcuts that can be bought cheaply, why not take up the Japanese art of Furoshiki? (of course, make sure it's all clean first!!).


Twine - reduce the use of plastic tape by tying your presents with twine

Foraging - use seasonal berried, pine cones or simply springs of green leaves.

Old Jewellery - we all have costume jewellery we no longer use. Why not add these to our gifts

Potato stamping :) - let your inner child express themself with potato stamp decorations

From Pintrest
Potato stamps

Photos not my own.

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