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8 December - Gifts for nature

An alternative advent calendar

Winter is particularly harsh for wildlife so we can give it a helping hand this Christmas


Although wild animals are adapted to living outdoors, it doesn't mean that they don't need protection so creating areas where they can be protected can really help them. This can be things such as:

- Putting up bird boxes

- Creating cosy areas in your garden where wildlife can hibernate or protect themselves.

- Create a compost heap as this will not only be a great way of making the most of dead leaves, plant cuttings and veg peelings. They can make a perfect home for frogs, toads and other animals. (Remember that hibernation goes on till Spring so make sure you don't disturb them).


Put out clean water and make sure that this is cleaned regularly as animals can get diseases from dirty water.


  • Birds – seeds, suet balls, mealworms, berries

  • Hedgehogs – tinned dog/cat food (not fish-based), chopped boiled egg

  • Squirrels – hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, sunflower seeds, chopped carrot

  • Small mammals – mixed seeds

It is really important to keep feeders and tables clean as otherwise infections can spread.

Be Careful

If carrying out work in the garden, check for friends before disturbing areas or pruning.

Gifts for friends, human and feathered!!

I know that in London, many of us don't have gardens but consider helping out a friend. Why not make bird feeders with friends or family and even consider giving them as gifts!

Here are a few ideas!

- Veggie suet teacups

How about these to make a statement in the garden. Why should the birds miss out on a tea party!!

If you have mugs or simply don't want the faff of gluing the teacup to a saucer, add a stick sturdy and long enough to the setting mix to give your birds something to perch on

Time for tea!!

Use veggie suet - Birds have a high energy consumption rate. Due to its high protein and calories, veggie suet offers birds a high burst of energy in a concentrated form.

Mix with bird seed mix. Why not make several and give them as gifts?!

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