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5 December - Shop Smarter and Shop Local

An alternative advent calendar

With everything that's been going on this year, we don't really need to be reminded about this one...but I'll do it anyway.

Before you do anything, think about whether you really need it - Reduce consumption and Reuse / Repurpose things you already have should always be your first thoughts before you buy.

image from Pureplanetrecycling
Think before you buy!

Once you have established that it is something you need, then shop locally.

It's not only about shopping locally but also looking for organisation that are environmentally conscious and support local artists, artisans, cooks and producers.

Look to buy things that are sourced and or made locally. This can help to reduce packaging and transportation.

Benefits of shopping locally

- If we are talking food, then it's like to be seasonal and fresher

- local employment

- support local makers

- boosts the local economy

- Feel part of the community

When shopping, think of the entire chain involved and not simply the final product you are looking at.

image from
Shop local this Christmas

And remember, if you are happy with it, share it on local forums as word of mouth is a great way to get the word out.

It's true!!

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