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4 December - Reduce food waste

An alternative advent calendar

Food waste is a huge issue which increases greatly at Christmas with people not only overindulging, but also over buying.

We waste more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually combine this with the knowledge that more people than ever are in food poverty.

Yes. there is waste throughout the entire production cycle but we really need to consider the part we play and what small changes we can make to make a big difference.

1. Buy what you need - food surplus can cost a household £480/year

2. Buy ugly/odd fruit and veg where you can.

3. Get a veg box - OddBox is a great delivery company because it rescues veg which would have otherwise been wasted. There are different size boxes which can be delivered weekly or fortnightly.

4. if you have excess food, you can share it with neighbours using the Olio App. This is a really important as its whole premise is to reduce food waste.

5. Use your freezer. If you have food you know might be wasted, freeze it if you can.

6. Some ideas of how to store food.

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