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3 December - Bag it (reusable of course!)

An alternative advent calendar

The 5p plastic bag charge was introduced 5 years ago with the aim of reducing our plastic dependency. It has been estimated that due to this, supermarket plastic bag purchases have reduced by 90% However, there are still many shops where it's not mandated and online shops often deliver using them (and whilst they are 'recycled', there are still being produced and used).

Basically, they manage to slip through somehow and then there are bags for fruit, sandwich bags

  • Always carry a reusable bag with you. Try to choose something sustainable like jute or cotton. Sun and Sage is a wonderful company where all profits go towards vet fees for street cats and dogs in Bali. As well as organic cotton tops, they also produce great cotton tote bags.

  • Keep several shopping bags in your car

  • If you are in a supermarket or larger stores and don't have a bag, ask for a box. There are often several to be found near the checkouts.

  • Use mesh bags for your veggies

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