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24 December - Discover your National Park City

An alternative advent calendar

When we think of spending time in nature, seeing a variety of unusual animals or heading into woods it can be very easy to think we need to leave the city. This can be a very depressing thought, especially in lockdown. Yet whilst many think of urban areas as being devoid of green spaces and biodiversity this is not the case.

We must remember that London is a National Park City not simply by name. Get outside, look around you, find a local green space, encourage wildlife into your gardens and window boxes. Go for a walk, download a tree and plant ID app, look out for birds.

Whatever you do, share your stories and photos on your social media to encourage others to get outside.

We all know more than ever that nature is good for our mental and physical well being so the more we get out the better!

  • London is home to several species of bat - bats are wonderful animals which eat only insects (UK species). As such, they are a natural insecticide for our gardens!

  • London has the second-highest urban peregrine falcon population in the world.

  • Red kits and Sparrow Hawks are also becoming popular in certain areas across London.

  • This time of year is a wonderful time to see trees given there are no leaves to block our view - winter thrushes, robins, blue tits and many more can be found.

  • London can be defined as a forest with it's 8m+ trees! Get out and discover just a few of them!

  • We all know that the beautiful fox can be found here, but we also have hedgehogs - which this summer were unfortunately classed as vulnerable to extinction, and the elusive badger.

Thank you for following my alternative advent.

I wish you and your families a safe, happy, healthy and blessed holiday and a 2021 full of discovery!

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