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20 December- Books!

An alternative advent calendar

I love nothing more than a good book and the Christmas break and end of year is a great time to rest and recharge so, why not do so with some wonderful books about the stunning world we live in.

There are so many great books out there so here are only a few to get you started - in no particular order but all guaranteed to open up the world to you in some way or another:

The lost words, Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

Entangled life, Merlin Sheldrake

Wanderland, Jini Reddy

The salt path, Raynor Winn

The living mountain, Nan Shepherd

Wilding, Isabella Tree

The hidden life of trees, Peter Wohlleben

The old ways, Robert McFarlane

Braiding sweet grass, Robin Wall Kimmerer

I know with lockdown it's problematic to walk into a bookstore, remember that there is more than Amazon out there. Have a look for your local bookstores and even if they don't have an online presence, I am sure they would be happy to send the book you desire to you.

If you can never find the time to read, then an audible book is a great way of being about to listen to a book whilst doing other things :)

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