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15 December - Search for the health of the planet!

An alternative advent calendar

Use the ethical search engine Ecosia who use their advertising profits to plant trees. They donate approximately 80% of profits to tree planting projects, which not only plant trees, but also provide vital income to the workers who plant the trees in the world's poorest places. Trees tend to be planted in South America, Africa and Indonesia.

As they generate income from ads, if you block ads when searching you unfortunately won't be helping.

If you are cynical like me and want to avoid greenwashing, here is a blog post which looks into them in more detail:

"It takes around 45 searches to plant 1 tree, a undeniably impressive figure for what is very little work on our end...Ecosia supports local partners or non profits who plant trees using Ecosia’s investments. These organisations have hands on experience in the local areas where they operate, and can react individually to their specific climates."

Other search engines that do good for the planet:

Ocean Hero - makes its revenue from advertising. Unlike Google, OceanHero donates 50% of its revenue to ocean cleaning projects via its partners Plastic Bank and Waste Free Oceans. Here is a little more info about them here.

Ekoru - they use 60% of their monthly revenue to clean the oceans of plastic and reforest the ocean floor with seagrass. They also partner with organisations who focusing on reforestation and climate action to those who are dedicated to animal welfare and conservation.

Note that all content is put here in good faith. I am not sponsored by any organisation I mention and cannot be held accountable for the organisations mentioned.

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