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13 December - Reusable face masks

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Before the pandemic, our use of non-recyclable materials such as single use plastics was a huge issue. Now, the use of masks is creating yet another issue to the ever increasing landfill pile.

We wear masks to protect others so unless our job mandates that we use disposable masks, we should all wear:

- Use reusable masks without disposable filters.

- Machine wash them regularly (hand wash if you must but this can use more water and detergent in the long run).

- Have at least 2 so you have a back up when one it in the wash/you forgot it.

- Support local makes by buying hand made.

Why not make a statement?!

If you get caught short and end up having to use a disposable mask, ensure it is disposed of properly.

- Don’t put disposable masks in the recycling. They can get caught in specialist recycling equipment and can be a potential biohazard to waste workers

- Do not flush disposable masks down the toilet

- Do not touch the potentially contaminated material but cut the strings/elastic to prevent animals getting caught in it which will harm and very easily kill them.

Photos not my own.

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