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11 December - Indoor plants

An alternative advent calendar

At Christmas, many of us love bringing huge trees into our houses and the smell of pine and greenery help with Christmas cheer, but plants can have benefits on us all year around.

The benefits of houseplants are varied, improving wellbeing and also improving our productivity which given the amount of time we are currently spending at home, cannot be a bad thing!

  • Improve our mood

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Increased worker productivity

  • Can show an increased attention span

  • Can aid recovery

They don't only look pretty, but they can also:

- Plants are the yin to our yang - they require carbon dioxide which we expire and they provide us with critical oxygen. Plants that supply increased oxygen at night and thus best for our bedroom are orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads, also known as air plants.


They remove toxins - A well referenced NASA study revealed that certain plants can remove toxins from the air. Being in London means this is even more useful!

This is a great site that documents the various toxins and which plants help.

Rooms with plants have been found to have less dust and mould.

They make you more productive - being surrounded by plants, even if they are indoors can improve, memory, concentration and productivity. This has been backed up by various studies.

Extra food - Herbs can look great and you can also use them when cooking or making tea!


Medicine - plants look great but can also be an instant remedy for burns, can be soothing for sore skin and can also be ingested!


Photos not my own

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