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10 December - Get closer to nature

An alternative advent calendar

This year, many of us have realised how difficult it can be be to live with limited access to the outdoors.

Groups such as the Self Isolating Bird Club having grown hugely, highlighting that many of us are interested in not only looking at birds and wildlife but also learning more about them.

The more we learn about nature, the more we love and appreciate it.

Guides - All resources made by the Field Studies Council are of very good quality and their field guides are really easy to carry around.

Binoculars - These don't have to be anything fancy but can really help you get closer to nature. Here's a link to help you choose a suitable pair.

Photos - Take photos and share them with your friends. It's lovely to share what you see, you will get others interested. There are also loads of wonderful wildlife groups (eg on Facebook) you can sharing with others and learn about things you have seen.

Go for a walk - take a nice walk and make a conscious decision to take a look at the textures, colours and patterns that you see around you. You might be surprised by what you notice.

Kestrel over Northala Fields, by Chantal

Slow down - Take time to stop and have a look around. Winter can actually be a great time to spot words due to there being no leaves on the trees to get in the way. We are always rushing around so sometimes stopping or slowing down and looking up to the sky or nearby trees, we can see things we wouldn't usually notice.

Wrap up warm and take a seat

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