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1 December - Oh Christmas Tree

An alternative advent calendar

As people become more conscious of their wider impact of their purchases to the environment, people have started to think about the Christmas essential - the tree.

Artificial trees look to be cost efficient and you can store them in the loft to be brought out each year. However, the Carbon Trust study says that the carbon footprint of a 2m-tall artificial tree is 40kg CO2. If we compare this to a real tree of the same height, the footprint is 16kg if sent to landfill or 3.5kg CO2 if it is turned into woodchip.

Therefore, IF you were to dispose or it sustainably, you need to use your fake tree for 12 years for it to be more sustainable.

Also bear in mind that artificial trees are made in factories across the world, therefore we don't know of all the products used, the working conditions and in addition, the packaging and transportation involved before they get to our houses.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the real tree as I find it so sad seeing them occupying our street pavements in the new year, knowing they are off to landfill. As such, it's time to consider some alternatives.

1. Get creative

This wasn't something I had ever thought about and whilst some people love the traditional 'tree' a little bit of creativity.

As a book lover (with waaaay too many), this one is great for me :)

Have a look online for ideas, there are 100s
An alternative 'book' Christmas tree

2. Decorate a houseplant

Whilst traditional, does it have to be a fir tree?!
It's so pretty!!!

3. Rent your tree - unfortunately (or fortunately!!), this looks to be a very popular idea and demand has outstripped demand so most of these are sold out. Nevertheless, here are some companies you could rent from

...and don't forget your decorations.

  • Forage to make your own wreath

  • Decorate the outside of your house with 'festive' coloured plants.
Bring some cheer to your front garden
  • Decorate your pots to make your houseplants look Christmassy - you could just go mad with some red ribbon or paint some pots.
Decorate plant pots
  • Oven dry clementines for some colour and scent

These are just some ideas, I am sure you can find and think of loads more - if you do, feel free to share!!

All photos sources from internet - links in photo info

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